Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Finding or Looting?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina's devastation, I thought that this issue was important enough that I should link to this article from Boing Boing. While it's sad that these horrendous conditions inevitably lead to chaos of all sorts, I think this is clearly a case of the AP's (probably unintentional but still disturbing given that these people are obviously fighting for survival) racial bias at play here. What do you think?


Blogger anne said...

I think...racial bias! In reading more on this topic, police officers have been "finding" things too, but in the name of securing it for the good of the people who need it really really badly.

3:41 PM

Blogger japanesegodjesusrobot said...

Just like they've "secured" stolen and confiscated property like various drugs and what not over the years. Oh wait. That could never happen. At least the AP or any other mainstream media outlet wouldn't report it.

4:04 PM


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