Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Decemberists

Their new album, Picaresque, is incredibly excellent (it's the best album I've heard all year thus far and maybe the best of the decade so far as well) and I've been listening to it more than anything else the last few weeks. I'm seeing them at Warsaw in Brooklyn next month and I absolutely can't wait. You can still get tickets for this show here. Their show at Irving Plaza on May 4th is already sold out, so if you wanna see them, I definitely recommend getting tickets. Oh and they're playing at NYU on April 28th, but I think you need an NYU ID for that one and they're notoriously stringent. Nevertheless, if you don't go to NYU and you wanna crash the party (or if you do go to NYU and you happen to be reading this), the pertinent info is here. And if you go here, you can download the excellent (and topical) video for "16 Military Wives". You'll need to know how to use Bit Torrent, though. All the instructions are explained, however. You can hear some mp3s here. All 3 of the songs they have on the site to preview are excellent including "The Engine Driver", my favorite song from their new one.


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