Sunday, April 10, 2005

Inca Rag/Name Game

4/9/05 The Fiery Furnaces @ Webster Hall
Initially, I was disappointed that they were doing almost the same exact type of show that they did on the two occasions that I saw them last year after Blueberry Boat came out, with one song merging into the other and them seemingly not finishing any of them, but going at their catalog with fury, almost as if they're attacking it instead of playing it straight. Nevertheless, though the first part of the show was indeed that, much like their show last Halloween at Maxwells (except this time Eleanor wasn't in a gorilla mask) and when I saw them in Montreal in September, the second part was quite different. They came out for several encores and after played mostly new songs during the encores, quelling my fear that they wouldn't do any new material during the entire show. The new songs sounded great. Oh and they sold out the place, too. Wow, and to think that the first time I saw them, it was at Mercury Lounge right after their 1st album Gallowsbird's Bark came out.

After the show, I stopped at the Virgin Megastore on the way back to the subway and in my aisle where I was browsing the Fall section, a guy fell on the floor and wouldn't get up. Apparently, he was high on something or other, but it totally freaked me out. Of course, the ambulance, cops and fire department all came and I promptly went home, too chilled by the experience to continue browsing through CDs.


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