Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bang Bang Rock and Roll

Art Brut @ The Tribeca Grand 11/12/05
I've only been to The Tribeca Grand 3 times, but this was by far the most packed I've ever seen it (though only the last 2 times have been in the room in the basement where they normally hold shows). Despite the long wait and the overstuffed and circulation-deprived surroundings, it was all worthwhile as Art Brut played an awesomely energetic set that had much of the front rows singing (and occasionally even dancing and pogoing) along. And hey, the sound is generally pretty good and the shows are always free, so I can't really complain, now can I?

They played most of their excellent debut album Bang Bang Rock and Roll along with a brand new song that they only had 1 verse and a chorus for. Frontman Eddie Argos (he of the razor-thin 'stache reminscent of Ron Mael of Sparks) was compelling, telling the story of what happened with Emily Kane after she called him up and asked if the song (a love song to his girlfriend at the age of 15 of the same name) was a joke and at different points throughout the evening, he prompted all in the audience to start a band or at least start a fanzine or write a book or something (I hope having a blog counts; ha). They opened with a garage band take on the opening sequence of "Welcome to the Jungle" before going straight into "Formed a Band" and then proceeded to play most of their excellent debut album, including "My Little Brother", "Emily Kane", "Modern Art" and the encore "Bang Bang Rock and Roll". During "Modern Art", Eddie ran out into the crowd. When he did that, Brooklyn Vegan took this awesome picture (yes that's me on the bottom right-hand side singing along):

I was able to pick up a copy of the album at the merchandise table and when I was there, I spoke with the person working the table, who I believe is their tour manager. Anyway, he said that they were looking for a deal for their record to come out in the U.S. (currently it's only available on the UK) and that's the reason they undertook this short U.S. tour. Hopefully they'll be back soon (I predict a headlining slot at Bowery Ballroom in the new year). I can't wait to see them again!

You can see more of Brooklyn Vegan's photos and his review of the show here.

Bill was at the Mercury Lounge show on Thursday night. Here's his review along with some pictures. He noted that David J of Bauhaus was there at the show on Thursday night. I saw Bauhaus the next night at the Nokia Theater (review).

Heartonastick was there on Thursday night as well. Here's his outstanding review.


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