Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Will Follow You Into the Dark

I went to see Ben Gibbard play a solo show at Bowery Ballroom last Tuesday. He had two other frontmen open for him. The first was Andrew Kenny of the recently departed American Analog Set, who I missed, and the second was Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, who was excellent. I'd never heard any of Nada Surf's tunes besides "Popular" (their 1996 MTV and alternative radio hit) but now I think I'll have to check them out. Anyway, Gibbard came on and played a mix of new and old Death Cab for Cutie songs as well as some cool covers. My full review is here.

Before the show, me and my friend Sara went to Pho Grand, a phenomenal Vietnamese restaurant. I had the spring rolls and a phenomenal cubed beef dish with vegetable fried rice. I can't wait to go back!

Oh and I took the above picture from Stereogum. His review of the show is here.

PREVIOUSLY: My review of Death Cab for Cutie with The Decemberists and Stars at Central Park Summerstage in August.


Anonymous Russ said...

Hey Matt!!

Thanks for the review of this one, which I was sorry to miss. You might wanna catch Nada Surf at Webster on March 8. In case you didn't know, a band whose most recent album you've written about approvingly, Rogue Wave, is opening. (I have that album and like it as well.) Tix still available. We're going, despite our Webster reservations. It will be a fun show. We saw Nada Surf on the first of their two nights at Bowery in the fall--first time for us since they opened for Strummer at St. Ann's nearly four years ago--and it was an ambitious, well executed show that was a great start to their tour, but also a victory lap in front of hometown fans. The band deserves the building audience they are getting based on their last two albums; one of the USA Today reviewers had "The Weight is a Gift" in her top 10 of 2005.

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