Sunday, January 02, 2005

Guess Who Just Got Back in Town

No, not the wild-eyed boys in the Thin Lizzy song "The Boys are Back in Town", but me. Well, I know I haven't updated this thing in a while, so did you miss me (all 3 of you, if even that)?

Anyway, here's a great New York Times article about a judge who tried to overturn the death penalty (God bless him) based upon the premise that if innocent people are executed, they won't have a chance to defend themselves to prove their innocence and thus that violates due process. It seems like such a simple premise, so I'm surprised that no one else came to that conclusion, at least in recent memory.

Oh and all of you should go see "Sideways" if you haven't already. It was hands down my favorite movie of the year. It was really funny and yet sad and moving at the same time. A rare combination. And furthermore, it's a great contender in the no change necessary part of this site. :-)

That's it for now. More later.


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