Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Love Monkey Blows

This is a great editorial about some of the many things that's wrong with the new CBS mid-season replacement show Love Monkey. Many of my complaints are encapsulated in this article, but I'll add a few more:
1) There's no way that a married man would complain about having an attractive nanny. If anything, it's his wife who would have a problem with it.
2) The fact that "unhip" Sony/BMG artists like Billy Joel, Air Supply and Starship get dissed. I'm just amazed that Sony/BMG lets CBS get away with this shit.
3) Then again, I could devise a drinking game for every time there's a desperate namedrop or for that matter, for every time Teddy Geiger comes on the screen.

For another anti-Love Monkey rant, click here.

And finally, for even more fun, click here.


Anonymous bill p said...

Love Monkey is The Bravery of television shows. I will continue to watch only so I can have more reasons to hate it.

11:21 AM

Anonymous bill p said...


1:50 PM

Anonymous bill p said...

Matt so hates this show that he refuses to post again until he receives word from CBS of Love Monkey's official cancelation.

10:51 AM


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